About Leviviridae


Leviviridae was started by Harmony Schreiner in her basement, in 2006, and has moved up and out since then, acquiring more staff and a better work environment.

Although the name “Leviviridae” was given to the company in 2006, the original works began as early as 2003.

Leviviridae originally began as a comic book operation, but along the line blossomed into several other branches, such as hand crafted merchandise, photography, and flash animation.

In 2010, the video game stream was born. However, having little to no visitors, this branch soon died off, and now lies dormant for the most part.


Comic Books:

            The earliest of the comic books by Leviviridae (as Harmony Schreiner) include HaruOMFG, volumes 1-4, and Crawling Up The Walls, Volume 1.

Due to a lack of interest from both fans and Harmony herself, as well as a certain publisher that will remain nameless, CUTW was retired soon after its release.

Although no update has been made to the HaruOMFG series since 2006, many rumors have implied that a new addition will eventually be born into that series.

Later comics include “Oi Hack,” (also known by its former title, “Oi Hack Mang) which was retired before its release due to personal reasons.

            It is unknown at this time whether any future comics will be released to the public.



            In attending Anime Nebraskon every year since 2006, Leviviridae has continued to create new items in attempt to satisfy the hungry fan base.

These items range from cell phone charms and duct tape purses, to buttons and jewelry.

Most of these items are available on etsy.com, but certain items are only available at Anime Nebraskon.



            The “Creatography” branch of Leviviridae  began in 2010, although Schreiner’s love and talent for taking photographs branches all the way back to her childhood.

As a young girl, she often used her little brother as a model for many creative amateur photographs.

In the absence of interested customers, Schreiner mostly takes pictures of herself, and family.

These pictures are available at the following link:



Flash Animation:

            It has often been rumored that the HaruOMFG series may be continued, or redone as an animated series. More hope was given to this subject when the “HaruOMFG Intro” flash was released on the internet for the first time.

In 2010, Leviviridae stated that they do intend to eventually release HaruOMFG as an animation, but at this time, there is no estimated date of arrival.

The intro, as well as other experimental animations can be found here:



Other Literature:

            In early 2010, Schreiner released a short story entitled “Canta Per Me,” available here:


            Although little can be said about the story without giving away the plot twist, Canta Per Me has received high ratings from those who have read it.