Harmony's sappy thanks:

There are a lot of people who I feel I should thank for getting me this far.
First, I want to thank me mum. Without her, I would not have had a lot of the upbringing that I did. She was not strict, but she did keep me in line. Mostly, she taught me that it was okay to have a sense of humor, whereas most parents ground theur kids for being funny.
Secondly, I want to thank all my fans- all the lovely people who purchased my comics at the convention, or online, and people who love me enough to spread the word about me. If it weren't for any of you, I would still be just some chick slumped over in a corner watching all the real artists sign their stuff.
Thirdly, a thanks to some of my friends. I say some, because there are certain friends to did not support me 100% like friends should. To avoid conflicts, though, I am not mentioning any names, but the people who I am thanking should know who they are.
I also want to thank Mr. Steve Bennett. He was pretty busy when we met, but he was kind to me and he did reassure all of us artists in Artist's Alley. He also appreciates Original work, so Mr. Bennett, thank you, too.
And mostly, I want to thank the big card dealer in the stars, or as most would say, Mr. God, for dealing me the right cards. Since modern society will not let me elaborate on my beleifs, I'll simply state that I do beleive there IS a God of some sort and I amthanking him for getting me this far. Do not take me for one of those judgemental, and hypocritical fanatics. What I know and beleive is between me, and Mr. God, and I do believe he deserves my thanks.

And now for people I DON'T owe ANY kind of thanks to:
  • Slave Labor Graphics. Looks like you missed out, eh?
I sent you a great project and you turned it down, but look at me now. My first weekend selling and I. Sold. A. Fucking. Lot.
Imagine how much we both would have sold if it'd be on Slave Labor's website. And imagine how much I will sell by March of 2007.
Sucks for you! But don't cry! I'll be sending in other comics, so you'll have your second chance then.

  • All the people who told me that art would get me nowhere.
A lot of people in my past tried to discourage me, saying I was wasting my time and that art would never put food on the table.
"You can't do anything with art," they'd say. "You're better off getting a real job like a NORMAL person."
My comeback to this:
I am NOT a normal person. I never HAVE been. Anyone who knows me can verify this statement quite thoroughly. And not listening to you has gotten me this far and plus I get the added bonus of feeling good about myself and laughing at you! Hahaha!

  • My hero.
You can never count on your heroes to support you, or even make it known that they know you exist. You can't count on your heroes, because most of them let you down. Mister Hero, you SHOULD know who you are. I suppose that the only thing I have to thank you for is inspiring me to do what I've always loved doing: drawing. Do not expect anything more, because when I tried to approach you, you shut me down. But I'm fine with being ME. I don't need to be you or anything like you, because people respect me for ME now.
Sure, I respected you for you, but did you notice? Probably. Did you care? Oh, no.  So when the time comes that I get as far as you, it would not be a good move to try and claim yourself as any major factor in my rise to stardom.
I have listed the people responsible for helping me out and supporting me and wouldn'tcha know it, you're not there. Don't get me wrong, I had originally put you in the thank yous, but then I realised how many times I tried to speak with you, or just ask you a question about something that might have helped me, and you just ignored me.
Well listen up. I was at a convention. I sat with famous people. I talked casually with them. And you know what? They're just normal people. And so. are. you. Just because you've sold books and shit does not mean you're above human. You're STILL human, just like me, and just like everyone else. And blowing off people simply because you make more money and you think you're above everyone, just makes you look like a jerk.
And I have made a personal memo to be as UNLIKE you as I can.